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                     Förbinder till forskar material, söka ordbok, översätta, och mer. 

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Online Encyclopedias 

       1995 CIA World Factbook 
       Britannica Online - 7-day free trial 
       Britannica Sampler - allows you to search the entire database of Britannica Online and review hitlists
       (article or section titles) relevant to your query. While access to full articles is available to subscribers
       only, the Sampler provides some context by showing the first paragraphs with the titles on the hitlists. 
       Catholic Encyclopedia, The 
       COGNITO - Library for Family Reference 
       Encyclopedia Mythica 
       Encyclopedia of Conspiracies 
       Encyclopaedia of the Orient 
       Encyclopedia of Women's History 
       Encyclopedia Smithsonian 
       Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science 
       FAQ Finder - Comprehensive guide to over 1800 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions lists) available on
       the Internet, arranged by category. 
       FAQs for Newsgroups - Current FAQs for USENET groups available at Oxford University. You can
       browse by category or by newsgroup, or search the full text of the FAQ archive 
       Fairy Tale Encyclopedia 
       Financial Encyclopedia 
       FindOut - research service; free answers via email to first 100 questions 
       Free Internet Encyclopedia 
       Gardener Encyclopedia - Time Life - searchable database contains almost 3,000 species selected for
       general use in North American horticultural practice. 
       Global Encyclopedia 
       Grolier Online 
       Home Improvement Encyclopedia - Better Homes and Gardens 
       International Financial Encyclopedia 
       Internet Answers Collection, The - A collection of all FAQs posted to the USENET group news.answers.
       This is a good place to look for information on just about any subject. Available as an alphabetical listing
       or by newsgroup 
       Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia - bugs, dinosaurs, space -- you name it! Plus interesting information
       that can also help with your homework. - the ability utility 
       Virtual Encyclopedia 
       News.Answers WWW Archive, The 
       Panic Encyclopedia - The Definitive Guide to the Postmodern Scene 
       Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia - US FDA / Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition 
       Satellite's Encyclopedia, The 
       TechWeb Technology Encyclopedia - Over 10,000 definitions to technological terms and concepts. 
       VetPedia - everything you need to know about your cat or dog 
       Webliography: A Guide to Internet Resources - From LSU Virtual Library, a well annotated hierarchical
       guide to resources available on the Internet, covering a broad range of topics from government to
       science to humanities. 
       WWW news.answers archive - The Usenet newsgroup news.answers is a repository for periodic
       informational postings (also called Frequently Asked Questions postings, or FAQs) from other
       World Encyclopedia - with Anthems, Flags, Maps, and the Nations of the World 

Online Newspapers
·  Africa 
·  Asia 
·  Australia / New Zealand 
·  Canada 
·  Europe 
·  Latin / South America
·  United States 
·  USA Universities 

Wire Services 
· News Headlines:
    AP || Reuters 
· News Summaries:
    AP || Reuters 
· World Headlines:
    AP || Reuters 
· Weather Headlines:
    AP || UPI 
· Latest Sports Scores 
· Sports Headlines:
   AP || Reuters 
· Politics Headlines:
   AP || Reuters
· Business Headlines:
   AP || Reuters
·  Entertainment News:
   AP || Reuters
· Science/Tech News:
    AP || Reuters
· Health News:
    AP || Reuters

More Online Tidningen 

    CNN U.S. News 
    NY Times National 
    USA Today Nationline 
    ABC News 
    Yahoo! News 
    TIME Daily News 
    Lead Story 
    Today at NASA 
    U.S. News Online 
    NPR Newscast 
    PBS Newshour 
    CBS News 
    White House Pub.s 
    The NY Times 
    L.A. Times 
    Washington Post 
    San Francisco Chronicle 
    Chicago Tribune 
    San Francisco Examiner 
    Washington Times 
    Chicago Sun-Times 
    NY Post 
    The Journal 
    CNN World News 
    The Times (London) 
    MSNBC World 
    CNN/Time's AllPolitics 
    NY Times Politics 
    CBS Campaign '96 
    MSN Decision '96 
    CNN Financial Net 
    USA TodayMoney 
    Money - Market Watch 
    Fortune Business 
                             Stock Quotes 
                             Investor's Business Daily 
                             Holt Financial 
                             Intellicast USA Weather 
                             7-day Highs/Lows 
                             Intellicast Int'l 
                             MSNBC Weather 
                             CNN Technology 
                             ZD Net Computing 
                             MSNBC SciTech 
                             Interactive Age 
                             PC Multimedia 
                             USA Today Healthline 
                             Healthcare News 
                             Letterman's Top 10 
                             What's On TV 
                             PEOPLE daily 
                             Entertainment Weekly Magazine 
                             MTV Week in Rock 
                             CNN Showbiz News 
                             USA Today Lifeline 
                             CNN Style News 
                             NY Times Xword 
                             ESPNET SportsZone 
                             CNN Sports 
                             Sports Illustrated 
                             USA Today Scores 
                             USA Today Sportsline 
                             The Sports Network 
                                                              MSNBC Sports 
                                                              Sportsline USA 
                                                              Quote of the Day 
                                                              Life's Pic of the Day 
                                                              About Today 
                                                              Today with The Old Farmer's Almanac 
                                                              Positive Saying of the Day 
                                                              Today in History 
                                                              Daily Wisdom 
                                                              World Birthday Web 
                                                              Lottery Results 
                                                              All about today 
                                                              Thought of the Day 
                                                              The Obituary Page 
                                                              CNN's Almanac 
                                                              Dilbert ® 
                                                              Cool Site of the Day 
                                                              Yahoo! for the Day 
                                                              Hot Spots 
                                                              Project Cool Sighting 
                                                              News of the Weird 
                                                              USA Today Slightly off center 
                                                              Daily Humorscope 
                                                              Zodiac Forecasts 

Online Dictionaries and Thesauruses 

       Webster's Dictionary 
       Free On-line Dictionary of Computing 
       Software Engineering Glossary 
       HTML Dictionary 
       INFOMEDICAL Dictionary of Information for Patients and Support Groups 
       Dictionary of On-Line Medical Resources 
       ArtLex - lexicon of art terminology 
       Dictionary of Imaging and Electronic Documentation 
       Simple Rhyming Dictionary 
       Internet Language Dictionary 
       Etymology of Names 
       Larry's Australian Slang and Phrase Dictionary 
       Textile technical dictionary 
       SYSTRAN Software: HTML Translation Page! 
       Dictionary Of Occupational Titles (DOT) Index 
       Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) Index 
       Basic Dictionary of American Sign Language(ASL) Terms 
       Biotechnology Dictionary 
       Oxford English Dictionary (subscription) 
       International Legal Dictionary 
       Multilingual Dictionary about the Horse 
       Hypertext Webster Interface 
       English Dictionary (Princeton University) 
       Roget's Thesaurus 
       Acronyms and Abbreviations 

Translation Dictionaries 

       AltaVista Translator 
       ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form 
       Linguistics WWW directory 
       The Human-Languages Page 

Search Engines

       Researching with Search Engines 
       Infoseek Guide 

Other Reference

       Guide to information research 
       List of carcinogenic substances - lists carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) 
       CNN Interactive - News 
       Mayo Clinic Health O@sis 
       Medline - Medical Database 
       Dictionary of Scientific Quotations 
       List of satellites 

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